International kindergarten Beijing

The international kindergarten Beijing model

Beijing has some excellent kindergartens that provide early childhood education for the offspring of foreigners, be it a fully immersed bilingual environment, which focuses on teaching kids to communicate in multiple languages, or one that offers Chinese as a second language. Normally the first port of call for choosing the best school is the wider expat community, many of whom will have kids right across the school age. They can give you tips on location, facilities, school ethos and, most importantly, if their kids have responded well to the school.

But, rest assured, it is not unusual for people, who are new to the city or to China, to be confused about what exactly is the “international kindergarten Beijing model.” The best approach to take is to decide on what it is that you really want your kids to get out of their schooling experience in Beijing and to use this as a yardstick to work out if the school is right for you, and your family.

How to find an international kindergarten Beijing

One of the main considerations expat families have to think about is the future: If you are only in China for a set amount of time and likely to be moving to another country, then the type of international school Beijing has to offer must be beneficial to your kid’s future. With this in mind when you tour possible kindergartens or attend interviews, make sure you ask questions that will put your mind at ease. Would your child be better suited to a an international style of education that will equip them with transferable skills for the systems offered in other international schools across the world, or would a more Chinese-based approach be better to help them assimilate?

Kids sometimes adjust must more easily than us adults, but as they will be spending a lot of time at school it really needs to be the right place for them. So, although it might seem like a gargantuan task at first, don’t worry, for those looking for the right international kindergarten Beijing has plenty to choose from.