IB Beijing

Success and the IB Beijing program

The majority of international schools in Beijing offer the International Baccalaureate (IB Beijing), which is renowned across the globe for instilling an ‘international mindedness’ into its graduates. It can also open the door to some of the world’s top colleges. The IB Beijing course is intensive and demanding, with programs for kids right across the school age, from 3 to 19. Many schools that follow the British or American systems will offer students the choice to either follow the AP/IGCSE strand or the IB.

The ethos of the IB Beijing program is similar in many respects to the culture of many of Beijing’s international schools, as it emphasizes cultural understanding, multilingualism and global engagement, which “develops intellectual, personal, social and emotional skills” — the key foundations that many of Beijing’s international schools are built upon.

The ultimate target of IB students is entrance into the college of their choosing, and the structure of the IB diploma program means that students can direct their own learning to achieve the grades that they need. As it is an international program, students who have begun the program at a previous school will find they can pick up where they left off when they start at a new school.

Moms and Dads the world over, we all just want the best for our kids, and when we move to a new city this can be one of the most stressful parts of their growing up. Not only will they have to say goodbye to old friends they have the seemingly gargantuan task of making new friends, and working out how they fit in their new surroundings. Thanks to the global unification of the IB program, moving schools is made much easier.

Many parents are gob-smacked by how quickly their kids pick up and use Chinese, and as Chinese is an accepted second language on the IB Beijing program, new arrivals to China have the unique opportunity of a day-to-day language immersion experience outside of the classroom, which helps them excel in this subject.