Beijing British curriculum

British education in China – The Beijing British curriculum

Britain and China both share a love, and respect, for education and the systems that both countries have developed have world-renowned reputations. While some new expat families might look at assimilating their kids into their new environment by enrolling them in bilingual schools that offer a bespoke curriculum, which combines both Western and Eastern approaches to education, for the majority it is the longer-term picture that they are interested in. To this end, many families from the UK will want a school that offers a Beijing British curriculum.

But what exactly is a Beijing British curriculum?

Well, aside from offering the high standard of teaching expected by the elite schools of the British Isles, it also encompasses the social and cultural aspects of being a global citizen in their guest country. While a Beijing British curriculum offers the same engaging, student-led approach to education, it also takes into consideration the environmental differences to learning brought about by, well, not being in Britain. For example, many parents worry about the air quality in Beijing and how this may impact on their kids being able to engage in outdoor activities.

To this end, many schools have oxygen domes or tents that cover outside spaces and filter the air. While the experience of having to go through an airlock to play soccer might seem like a scene from a sci-fi movie, this really puts parents minds at rest that their kids are being active in a healthy, regulated environment.

Aside from the environmental aspects, many British-national children will likely be going onto British universities or perhaps other international schools in the future, depending on where mom and dad are posted next. Thus, the advantages of ensuring that they follow the same basic curriculum are, of course, integral to their future success in life. IGCSE and A Levels are respected the world over, so even if they decide that a British university would not suit their future plans, all higher educational institutions acknowledge and accept these highly sought-after qualifications.