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Saint Paul American School (SPAS) is driven by a passion to do everything it can to ensure all its students’ achieve their academic potential. Its rigorous curriculum offers engaging activities and sets high standards to nurture articulate, inspiring students who are confident in their own abilities and equipped with the skills to become responsible and productive members of the global community.

SPAS offers the U.S. curriculum alongside a special Chinese curriculum, developed in partnership with the Second High School in China, which prepare students to progress onto the best universities and colleges the world over. Graduates earn a high school diploma that is accredited by the U.S. North Central Committee of Accreditation (NCA).

While accepting day students, SPAS also offers the unique experience of boarding. While creating a community spirit between students, boarding also gives the faculty insight into the needs of its student. Meaning, any concerns that may arise can be addressed promptly.

Saint Paul American School has one of the top purpose-build campuses in Beijing

In addition to the boarding and teaching buildings, the purpose-built campus at SPAS includes well equipped, state-of-the-art computer rooms, a gymnasium, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, as well as a running track, basketball courts, and a soccer field. All these combine to offer students safe environments to let off steam and push their physical abilities

For students needing more academic support there is a peer tutoring program, as well as a nightly study hall. All students participate in an afterschool activity or club of their choosing. Emphasis is given to the fine arts as in order to graduate, all students will complete a minimum of 2 course credits (1 year) throughout their Fine Arts studies, however, students often continue to pursue their passion by selecting courses in this content area.

Where to find Saint Paul American School

18 Guan’ao Yuan, Qinghe
Haidian district, Beijing, China

(attached to Beijing Normal University)

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