Hope International School

Hope International School

Welcome to Hope International School

This faith based school welcomes children from grades Pre k through 12 to its newly-designed facility on Crab Island. Teaching the American curriculum throughout all grades, Hope encourages its students to strive for excellence in learning, and to develop a Godly character to pursue truth and humbly influence the world.

Hope International School understands a holistic approach to developing the whole child will equip its students with the mental and moral apparatus needed to achieve their own personal goals. With a distinct focus on character guidance, students are encouraged to develop a mature, modest understanding of their own character traits, and how their thoughts, opinions and attitude will impact on those around them.

Hope International School prepares its students to take the Advanced Placement (AP) program, as its flexibility allows students to explore a multitude of subjects, designing their own academic programs around their strengths. It also means that in preparation for higher education, students have learned to manage a demanding workload and manage their time, which are extremely important skills needed by further education institutes.

Hope International School has great sport facilities

Hope International School offers a vast program of extracurricular and sporting athletes including facilities for soccer, volleyball, basketball for all grades. In addition, specially designed spaces are available for arts activities, orchestra, homework, ping pong, and martial arts among others.

The strong, vibrant school body is multinational and multilingual, and committed to preparing tomorrow’s leaders to be strong, confident and knowledgeable.

Where to find Hope International School

Exhibition Hall 4, No. 1 Xiedao Road
Chaoyang district, Beijing, China


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