British curriculum in Beijing

Schools that offer British curriculum in Beijing

Beijing boasts some of the best international schools in China. This vibrant, exciting capital, although not without its downsides, has always been a center for education, and is home to some of the nation’s top educational institutions. So, it will come as no surprise that many of the world’s top teachers look to Beijing for professional opportunities. As a result, the schools that offer the British curriculum in Beijing have some of the UK’s best teaching talent.

The social life of many expat children revolves around school. To this end, the extracurricular activities that a school offers will really help kids make friends and feel settled in their new environment. Known for its passion for a creative and interactive approach to learning, students that study a British curriculum in Beijing have a vast range of cultural activities and destinations for class trips that are right on their door step! The British schooling system also places much focus on sports, and many schools boast fantastic facilities for cricket, rugby and other team sports that are always very well attended and a great way to develop friendships.

British curriculum in Beijing for you children?

The British curriculum is known for its high standard of pastoral care, which nurtures both their emotional and academic needs, with many using the “buddy system” and peer support to ensure pupils achieve the very best that they can. This ties in with leadership skills and critical thinking programs that are offered by many schools that follow the British curriculum in Beijing; after all we all want our children to excel in whatever endeavor they choose to follow.

We live in a global, multicultural society; this is reflected in the diverse student bodies in Beijing’s international schools. For some students English may be their second or even third language, but if they are all united under the same teaching system, such as the British curriculum in Beijing, then their cultural differences actually help them to become more rounded, considerate global citizens. Add to this, that the British curriculum is taught at thousands of schools across the globe, which means that if you need to take up another post in another country, the transition for your kids is smooth.