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3e International School

Welcome to 3e International School

3e International School offers a unique approach to dual-immersion bilingual education. Students flourish in its nurturing, creative environment, which is designed to develop children’s critical thinking and ability to fluidly across cultures, preparing them to progress onto high school.

The educational program at 3e is rooted in research-based practice, which empowers its students, aged 2-12, to explore, experiment and express themselves. It offers the very best of Chinese culture, education and languages combined with the creative aspects of Western education, with the added bonus that instruction is split 50/50 between Chinese and English. The students at 3e come from all parts of the world, and peer socialization plays a large role in school life, meaning students gain insight into other cultures, and each child is encouraged to learn from the opinions and attitudes of their classmates.

3e International School values free play, relaxation, and creation

Free play, relaxation and recreation are all very highly valued, too. All classrooms at 3e are spacious and light and can accommodate large and small group activities. The lush garden and green play area encourage exploration and risk taking, but in a safe, supervised environment. 3e firmly believes that in partnership with structured lesson time, free play forms an integral foundation for personal development. 3e also has a vast library and media center offering thousands of publication as a resource for parents as well as teachers and students.

As 3e has a strong focus on cultural exposure, the role of parents is very important. Every year there are many events that aim to bring together the patchwork of cultures that make up the wider 3e community, to come together for family events centered around fun activities that foster good relations between the school, its students and their relatives.

Where to find 3e International School

9-1 Side Park, Jiang Tai Xi Lu
Chaoyang district, Beijing, China


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