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We are on our way to Beijing!

It’s a challenging task to find the perfect English school or bilingual school in Beijing for your child. Maybe you are new to China or you have the daunting task to make all arrangements from abroad.

International Schools Beijing can help you to find the best international school for your kid

International Schools Beijing offers you all international schools in Beijing within seconds. Just click on a school that you find interesting. You can either read more about the Beijing school or contact the school straight away. International Schools Beijing is an easy one-stop-solution for all families who are on the way to Beijing.

What you can do on International Schools Beijing:

  • get an easy and quick overview of the best Beijing international schools
  • find out what is special about the Beijing international school
  • find the location of the international school in Beijing and its website address
  • contact the school’s admission team right away

In short, International Schools Beijing cuts out all the noise. Here you can focus on the fundamental information.

How you can help other parents who are looking for an international school in Beijing

When moving to China, parents faces challeging questions: Where can I find an international school for my child in Beijing? How can I make sure that my child gets a good education in Beijing? Or, how can I make sure that it gets the best education in Beijing? Where are the best bilingual schools in Beijing? I need to find an English school for my child in Beijing soon, but where should I start? Where is the best international kindergarten in Beijing? And so on.
Now you can recommend a particular school by clicking on the featured “like” button. This makes it easier for parents to spot popular international schools in Beijing at first glance.

How the international schools in Beijing can help you

The schools will all be very happy to hear from you. So don’t be shy to ask your questions right away! Do you have any questions about the school’s programm, the curriculum, the activities, the community or the tuition fees? International Schools Beijing provides you with a direct contact with a school’s staff member. If this option is not available, feel free to visit the school’s website to find the email addresses and contact details.

We’ll be more than happy if we can help you find the right school for your child. If you found this site helpful or if you have recommendations on how we can make our reviews better, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the about section. We would love to hear your feedback!

Welcome to Beijing!